My Background

I have a bachelor's degree in journalism/creative writing and more than 10 years of content marketing experience including writing, editing, interviewing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

I've worked on lots of one-off initiatives and freelance projects, so I've had the opportunity to explore many different fields. Please visit my Industries page to learn about four fields I'm particularly interested in. You can also contact me for a detailed resume.

Outside of work, I enjoy backpacking, reading, gourmet cooking, and road-tripping in my converted minivan. I love adventure and trying new things!


Angela was very personable and took a genuine interest in our work. She asked all the right questions to get at the essence of what we do. She is friendly, engaging and genuinely curious.


Love it! Ah, it's such a breeze working with you.


Great work, Angela. You turned around a client that had been previously displeased about our writing quality, and now she is thinking about writing with us further. Well done! You have been my favorite writer to work with.


Contact Me

I'm available for short-term freelance projects as well as full- and part-time employment-based opportunities. I'd love to hear from you!