The Social Sciences

As a freelance psychology writer, I have worked with therapists, social workers, private practice owners, and other health care industry professionals. My experience as a mental health content writer includes blog post creation, web content development, and search engine optimization (SEO).

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The Natural Sciences

I worked as an undergraduate science writer for University of Arizona Communications and a space writer/intern for NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander mission. Since graduating, I have written about biology, ecology, geology, and silviculture for nonprofits, municipalities, state agencies, and federal organizations.

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Software and Technology

With more than five years of experience as a technical writer, I have created user documentation, blogs, web pages, case studies, and videos related to software selection, implementation, and use. I've worked with CMS, CRM, pricing, analytics, DaaS, and GIS mapping software developers.

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Travel and Recreation

I served as copy editor and contributed a Q&A article for the 2017 edition of Warren Miller’s SnoWorld: Line of Descent. I have also contributed my writing and editing skills to the municipal travel magazine Exit 205, which promotes recreational opportunities in Summit County, Colorado.

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