Psychology / Social Science

Teen Counseling Website Content

I created a teen counseling page for Groupworks psychological services as a freelance mental health writer. According to founder Tony Sheppard, Psy.D., the page "significantly increased traffic on our website as evidenced by new client calls."

Conservation / Natural Science

Forestry Research Report

This synthesis report for the U.S. Forest Service highlights research on threats to Western urban forests, including climate change, drought, invasive pests, and fire. I created it by reviewing and summarizing research published in the USDA's Treesearch database.

Travel And Recreation

Warren Miller's Snoworld

I copy edited the promotional magazine for Warren Miller's 2017 film "Line of Descent." I also contributed a Q&A with Former US Open Halfpipe Champ and 2X Legendary Banked Pro Masters Champ Rob Kingwill.

Software And Technology

Tutorial Videos For GIS App

I developed technical documentation—including a video series—for a GIS-based tree inventory and mapping web application. I developed all of the documentation myself, doing everything from conducting usability testing to designing the logo and producing the video.

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